Competitive Employment

Heritage Industries specializes in providing personalized employment services to people who need assistance securing and maintaining competitive employment.  We provide supports to people with varying degrees of abilities to ensure successful job searches and long-term placements.  Our expertise includes placing transition-age students and adults with disabilities.

Nicole working at Petco

Nicole working at Petco

Our approach:

  • Job Developers meet with candidates and provide individualized skills and interest inventories to help determine a career path.
  • Job Developers work collaboratively with the person to develop a resume and career portfolio that aids in the search process.
  • Job Developers help the person do the most comprehensive search possible, exploring potential job leads through all available mediums.
  • Job Developers help candidates strengthen their interview skills by doing mock interviews, and will attend, if requested, any interview that is scheduled.
  • We use assessments to help define the company culture a person will excel within to ensure a successful match between the employee and employer.
  • Job Coaches work with the employer to help train a person on the job. In this regard, the role of the Job Coach is to ensure that the employee’s learning is maximized in a way that’s beneficial to both parties.

Benefits training and transportation training is also provided to assist people in becoming as independent as possible.

Northeast Arc’s Competitive Employment services are funded through the Department of Development Services (DDS), the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), the Mass Commission for the Blind (MCB), public and private school systems and private pay.


For more information contact Tim Brown at 978-624-3057 or Kathy Marques at 978-624-3058.