Transition Support

Heritage Industries works with more than 20 school systems to provide a variety of supports to transition-age students.
Supports include:

  • Vocational Assessments that assess a person’s aptitude for competitive employment. Designed for students ages 16 to 22, this includes the assessor providing support to the participant throughout the assessment, allowing for some structured independence when (or if) it is appropriate. The assessor will score the situational assessment and provide comments or recommendations based on the findings.
  • Pre-Vocational Assessments that help guide future planning for students ages 14 to 16. The assessment helps determine the student’s understanding of basic work-related skills.
  • Vocational Training is offered for students age 18 and above. This training provides the student with real-life work situations on a regularly scheduled basis. Students participate in structured and supported work offered through the Heritage Training Center.
  • Vocational Readiness Classes are available for an entire class of students, or select participants. Classes can be held at the Heritage Training Center or in the hosting school. Topics include: Why Should I Work?, Preparing for Employment, Volunteer Experiences, Career Exploration, Social Skills in the Workplace, Interview Training, Resume Development, and Money Management.
  • Employment Forums are a great way for students to learn about transition firsthand from people who have recently graduated from high school and entered the work force.

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For more information, contact Kathy Marques at 978-624-3058 or Lisa Leo at 978-624-3060.